Educational Plan

Training to YOU Career Pathways is proud to offer its internal education plan loans to help you advance your career with our certification prep programs. This plan is not based on credit score or employment. For as little as 10% down, you can start training for your new career.

About The Educational Plan

This is a convenient budget plan which uses a payment plan to help a student meet educational expenses. The loan amounts will range from $1000 to $10,000. The down payment will be a minimum of 10% of the program cost. While the student is active in school the interest rate will be 0% APR. Once the student leaves school, the interest rate will be fixed at 7% APR 45 days after their last day of attendance. The chart below outlines loan amounts and the length of repayment terms.

Balance Months Allowed for Payment
Up to $2,000 Up to 24 Months
$2,001 to $5,000 Up to 36 Months
$5,000+ Up to 60 Months

Note: Any holder of a consumer credit contract is subject to all claims and defenses, which the debtor could assert against the seller of goods or services, obtained pursuant hereto or with the proceeds here of. Recovery here under by the debtor shall not exceed the amounts paid by the debtor. (FTC Rule effective 5/14/1976)

*Educational plan is available to those who qualify